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Stay closer to nature, explore the greatest outdoor ventures & enjoy the rustic charms if overlanding & outdoor camping surrounded by wilderness.


Offtrek is about experiencing nature in the best way possible by being totally immersed in it. Getting some fresh air and sunshine and participating in activities with family and friends is a great way to feel recharged and refreshed. Nature lovers can enjoy glorious mountains, fascinating nature trails and magnificent water falls with picturesque locations.

Glamping by offtrek


Our beautiful, eco-friendly Geo Domes and The Pyramid Dome are fully equipped with super comfy beds, upholsteries, electricity, toilet, hot shower facilities, AC (Pyramid Dome) etc. along with an outdoor dining area, a kitchen, and a fire pit.


Also, provide Food & Beverage and shuttle service if necessary. Our Glampers can enjoy the rustic charms of outdoor camping surrounded by wilderness without compromising on luxury or style.

offtrek overlanding

To put it simply, Overlanding is vehicle-based, on-road and off-road, adventure travel with a focus on self-reliance, resilience, and enjoyment of the journey. Since the dawn of four-wheel drive vehicles, modern overlanding has captured the imagination of eager adventurers worldwide.


At the heart of overlanding is a love of the great outdoors, camping culture, and exploring new places. There is also a core obsession with vehicle mechanics, customization, and building out a unique rig that suits the personality and needs of the specific overlander.

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